Sophia Gholz is an award-winning children's book author, music lover, magic seeker, and avid reader.
As a child, Sophia was a passionate reader and artist. When not reading or drawing, she could be found at the farm riding horses or out causing mischief with her brothers.
As an adult, Sophia is still an avid reader, art fanatic, and mischief-maker. When she’s not writing, you can find Sophia on Twitter, in her cave (aka office) or running around after the kids, dogs or any combination of the two.
Sophia grew up in Florida, went to art school in California, and met her husband in Manhattan. She’s now enjoying life by the beach with her family. 


Sophia is proud to be a co-creator and board member of KidLiteracy, Inc., a nonprofit organization bringing books and author visits to schools in need. For more, visit: www.KidLiteracy.org
Since 2017, Sophia has helped oversee The Henry L. Gholz SEEDS National Field Trip Endowment for the Ecological Society of America. SEEDS (Strategies for Ecology Education, Diversity and Sustainability) provides opportunities for underrepresented students to participate and lead in ecology through field trips that explore the broad range of ecological research. For more, visit: www.esa.org
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