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Are you unsure about your query letter? Do you feel stuck on a manuscript? Objective feedback and a fresh opinion might be just what you need. After living and breathing our manuscripts for so long, it is often difficult to separate ourselves from our stories. One of the best resources a writer can use is a new set of eyes on their work. 
I offer critiques on query letters, fiction picture book and nonfiction picture book manuscripts. I am happy to critique rhyming manuscripts, but may not provide detailed notes about meter. 
As the owner and operator of Rate Your Story, I have critiqued a wide array of projects across genres. Many of these projects have gone on to become agented and contracted over the years. For more about me, please visit my ABOUT page by clicking here. If you are interested in a critique, please read below:
Picture Book Manuscript Critiques  $100.00 (fiction or nonfiction)
  • You will receive an editorial letter highlighting "big picture" notes and detailed line comments
  • Fiction manuscripts must be 1,000 words or less
  • Nonfiction manuscripts must be 1,500 words or less (not including back matter)
*If you would like a second critique on the same story, the fee is $55.00
Query Letter Critiques  $50.00 (any genre)
  • You will receive general "big picture" notes and detailed line comments
  • Query letters must fit on a single page
Query + Manuscript Package  $135.00
  • You will receive general "big picture" notes and detailed line comments
  • Please follow the guidelines for query letters and manuscripts above
To check for critique availability, please email me directly and include a line or two about your project. Thank you. 


"Sophia has helped me find and nurture the heart in my manuscripts. Her comments and questions are uniformly helpful as I revise."

—Annette Pimental, author of Girl Running (Nancy Paulsen 2018), Mountain Chef (Charlesbridge 2016), Anne Brooks Goes West (Nancy Paulsen 2019)  

To inquire about availability, please email:
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