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Writing and Publishing

My best advice for anyone interested in writing, is to do the following: 
1) Write. Write a lot and as often as you can.
2) Read. Whenever you aren't writing, read a book within the genre you'd like to write. Familiarize yourself with your fellow writers and the current market in which you wish to be published. 
3) Find other writers to connect with. Join a critique group. Open yourself up to receiving feedback and growing from it. 
4) Don't give up. It can be easy to become discouraged, but try to persevere through it. Choosing the path of an artist or writer isn't always an easy one. Those who often go on to become published, are usually those who focused on learning and refused to give up.
I've written a few blog posts about writing. To view my blogs, click on the links below:
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For More

I've compiled a list of links below. Many of these are tools, resources, and organizations that I have utilized along the way:
Kids and teens CLICK HERE
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