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This Is Your World: The Story of Bob Ross

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Discover the true story of iconic American painter and TV host Bob Ross in this official picture book biography.


Bob Ross continues to inspire young and old alike with his public television painting program, "The Joy of Painting," almost 30 years after the show went off the air. Bob Ross fell in love with painting and wanted to inspire others to find joy in their happy accidents. Follow his footsteps toward becoming a TV painter icon in this delightful and reverent picture book biography of a gentle soul who loved painting and teaching others how to paint too. 

Running Press Kids/Hachette, 9/7/21 

ISBN-10: 0762473568

ISBN-13: 978-0762473564


"...Bob's life was a wandering road...He chose many paths and interests before finding his passion. This message to kids, in a world increasingly pressuring them to 'figure out' what they want to be, is such a positive one. No matter what path we are on, the colours of our passion will reveal themselves to us and we will find out way...

The Small Protagonist | CLICK HERE for the full review

"...Beginning with the figure’s Florida upbringing and covering his time as an Air Force sergeant and transition to painting alla prima with TV artist Bill Alexander, Gholz (The Boy Who Grew a Forest) captures the magic of the artist’s lulling, lilting tone...there is comfort in seeing a gentle soul (he rescued injured animals and “didn’t like to yell”) gradually find his voice and his calling through art and community. Boyden gives this arc of self-discovery visual momentum through crisply drawn, cartoonish vignettes, along with a few larger images of the outdoors, that pay full homage to the Bob Ross style..."

Publisher's Weekly | CLICK HERE for the full review

"...Creative kids will relate, and those who are not yet sure about their artistic confidence will feel seen. Delightful!"

Julie Rowan-Zoch Blog | CLICK HERE for the full review

"This is Your World: The Story of Bob Ross is a wonderful book for fans of the kind-hearted artist, as well as an encouragement to dreamers alike. Bob made a difference because he cared and he saw the best in others; that’s a beautiful way to live."

—Read With Muse.On.Paper | CLICK HERE for the full review

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