A History of Toilet Paper (and Other Potty Tools)

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Toiletpapirets Historie - Spændende Fortællinger Fra Kummen,

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  • 2022 Cybils Awards Nonfiction Nominee

In the beginning, potty time meant the great outdoors . . . 
People have been going potty since, well, since the beginning of people! Ever wonder what humans used before potties or paper? You might be surprised at the clever tools that humans came up with over the centuries. From the great outdoors to ceramic pots, bum brushes and bidets, prepare for an adventure as we explore the interesting and sometimes shocking history of human potty practices! Award-winning children’s author Sophia Gholz and illustrator Xiana Teimoy team up to put a humorous spin on the fun and fascinating facts surrounding the history of toilet paper (and other potty tools) in this delightful book. 

RP Kids/Hachette, 8/2/22 

ISBN-10: 0762475560

ISBN-13: 978-0762475568


​"Sophia Gholz has a penchant for telling stories that haven’t appeared on children’s shelves before and this book is no exception...A History of Toilet Paper (And Other Potty Tools), illustrated by Xiana Teimoy, is the toilet tale that even Dav Pilkey would have to appreciate." 

Betsy Bird, SLJ Fuse Blog

"Gholz found a topic that matters to every reader. She carefully traces the development of "potty tools" from the days of early humans to the present...VERDICT: An engaging look at how various bathroom technology has changed over time; this is sure to appeal to the elementary school sense of humor." 

School Library Journal

"[A] delightful and funny microhistory about toilet paper...A seriously hilarious and engrossing read!"

Book Riot

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