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​"Sophia Gholz has a penchant for telling stories that haven’t appeared on children’s shelves before and this book is no exception...A History of Toilet Paper (And Other Potty Tools), illustrated by Xiana Teimoy, is the toilet tale that even Dav Pilkey would have to appreciate."

Betsy Bird, SLJ Fuse Blog | CLICK HERE for the full review


"Gholz found a topic that matters to every reader. She carefully traces the development of "potty tools" from the days of early humans to the present...VERDICT: An engaging look at how various bathroom technology has changed over time; this is sure to appeal to the elementary school sense of humor."

School Library Journal | CLICK HERE for the full review.

"[A] delightful and funny microhistory about toilet paper... A seriously hilarious and engrossing read!"

Book Riot | CLICK HERE for the full review

"...a perfect way to combine the history of inventions in a fun and humorous way...Sophia weaved history and humor together that will engage readers from beginning to end. The illustrations by Xiana Teimoy are detailed, colorful, and historically accurate...This informational book is perfect for a classroom inventions unit, or a fun bedtime read aloud."

Jen's Book Talk | CLICK HERE for the full review

"Full of puns and potty humor...readers are drawn through time as facilities, scrub brushes, and wipes change and develop into what we know now...This irreverent and appealing book is sure to draw snickers from kids."

Maria Marshall, Picture Book Buzz | CLICK HERE for the full review

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