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Jadav Payeng Pics & the 2023 NCC Book Award

I'm so excited to share this post today. Over the weekend I learned that The Boy Who Grew A Forest: The True Story of Jadav Payeng has been nominated for the 2023 North Carolina Children's Book Award! I'm blown away and so happy to know that Jadav's story will be shared with kids across North Carolina.

Just after I heard that amazing news, I received the photos below from Jadav Payeng's family. After an author school visit back in February, I collected letters from third grade students and included them in a box of books I sent to Jadav in India. The letters were written to by kids who were inspired by Jadav's mission. The box also included the German (not pictured--but it's there!) and French editions of The Boy Who Grew A Forest. I'm so glad to say the box finally made it! Check out these wonderful images below.

Huge thanks to Jadav and his family for sharing these!


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