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Reviews & Features for JACK HORNER, DINOSAUR HUNTER!

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

NOTE: This post is continually updated to include the latest reviews/news.


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Awards & Nominations:

  • Kentucky Association of School Librarians KBA Award Nominee K-2, 2022-23. - CLICK HERE for more

  • Bookstagang Best of Nominee, 2021-22.



"An inspiring example of how disabilities don't have to close doors..."

School Library Journal | CLICK HERE for the full review

"This picture book biography of world-renowned paleontologist Jack Horner not only details Horner’s passion to discover and study dinosaurs, but also encourages children to persevere when they face challenges...this title will be grabbed off the shelf for recreational reading alone."

School Library Connection

"...Dinosaur lovers and anyone with dino-sized dreams will be instantly hooked by Sophia Gholz’s immersive biography of Jack Horner, who forged his own path to becoming one of the world’s most influential paleontologists. His self-confidence, unstoppable drive, and ultimate success will inspire all readers to define themselves by what they can do – not by what they may struggle with – and to trust their instincts on the way to achieving their goals... Jack Horner, Dinosaur Hunter! is an exceptional biography of a boy and man who never gave up on finding a way to accomplish his goal. The book will captivate children on its own or as an introduction to a wide range of classroom lessons and is highly recommended for all home, classroom, and public library collections."

Celebrate Picture Books | CLICK HERE for the full review

"It's a really amazing story about a man who struggled in school...but didn't give up on his dream and found a way to make it happen..."

Colby Sharp | CLICK HERE for the full review

"The study of scientific topics and the nature of discovery come alive in this comic-style picture book ... I highly recommend this book for its engaging and interesting text and fast-paced story-telling."

—Sk.K Wenger at 7 Days of Books | CLICK HERE for the full review

"...the perfect book for a reluctant reader."

Children's Book Watch | CLICK HERE for the full review

"Meet Jack Horner, a world-famous paleontologist and expert dinosaur hunter whose story is as interesting as it is inspiring…A fascinating true story of a boy that followed his dream, Jack Horner, Dinosaur Hunter! may very well provide readers with the encouragement they need to pursue what they most desire."

Kendal Rautzhan, The Canton Repository News | CLICK HERE for the full review

"Sophia Gholz and illustrator Dave Shepherd have brought Jack’s story to life in a hybrid picture book-graphic story form. It reads like an adventure “comic book” story, with suspense and tension and even its own version of Pow! and Zow!—the story’s trademark Crunch! and Swoosh! Jack even discovers his own species. It’s just incredible! Any and all kids (and adults) who love dinosaurs will be inspired by Sophia’s telling of Jack’s story."

Sandra Nickel | CLICK HERE for the full review

"...this will not only appeal to young readers, but will be a great resource for older reluctant readers."

Carol Baldwin Blog | CLICK HERE for the full review

"Have you heard of Jack Horner? What if I told you that if you have seen Jurassic Park then you might be familiar with him without even knowing it? Picture book biography meets graphic novel in this dino-riffic adventure!...Gholz did an amazing job of bringing Jack's story to life and showing that hard work and dedication pay off in the end!"

Homeschool By The Beach | CLICK HERE for the full review

"...this book will be a huge hit in elementary schools, everywhere!"

Miller Memo Blog | CLICK HERE for the full review

"...this not only covers his biography and vivid world, but employs dyslexia-friendly fonts to appeal to those who may be reading-challenged."

Midwest Book Review | CLICK HERE for the full review

"How can kids not walk away inspired to dig into their own interests after reading this book, especially if they feel like their dreams are out of reach or that they lack the skills to attain them? I love this book for the true life story it shares about a kid who grew up exploring the world around him, while paying attention to the details in a way that led to fascinating dinosaur fossil discoveries—discoveries that started small—with fossilized shells. Jack Horner found passion in hands-on science and persevered, despite dealing with the hardship of severe dyslexia..."

The Shepherd | CLICK HERE for the full review

" inspiration to kids with dyslexia and those who love dinosaurs."

Sincerely Stacie Blog | CLICK HERE for the full review

"This book will give children with disabilities a chance to believe they can over come and be successful in life. Teachers will love providing this book. Kids and their parents will want to read about Jack."


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