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Reviews & Features for BUG ON THE RUG

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

NOTE: This post has been edited to include the latest reviews, press, and news.


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Award & Nominations:


"A rollicking, rhyming read-aloud...the rhymes are inventive, and the rug rivals’ words have great texture. A fun way to build reading skills..."

Booklist | CLICK HERE for the full review.

"Author Sophia Gholz has written a fun rhymer with a story that will engage little ones without them ever knowing they are learning some good life lessons about friendship and getting along with others. Cute, colorful illustrations by Susan Batori fill every page with fun details that will keep youngsters engaged through the story. This will become a fast favorite."

—5 Stars from San Francisco Book Review | CLICK HERE for the full review.

"...a pleasing, comical story about finding common ground, owning mistakes, and accepting differences. Readers will enjoy the hilarious proceedings conveyed through jaunty rhymes that scan well and the characters’ expressive mugging. Rhyming words and opportunities for rich vocabulary development are real draws...Lively fun that all readers will enjoy, snug in their own rugs and everywhere else."

Kirkus | CLICK HERE for the full review

"Filled with a cast of -ug characters adorably brought to life by illustrator Batori, this phonics-full rhyme-fest is both hilarious and sweet. Young listeners and emerging readers will return again and again for the crazy antics, heartfelt friendship, and surprise ending, all while developing vocabulary and reading skills."

Tanya Konerman Blog | CLICK HERE for the full review

"...a really fun rhyming book about a bug, a pug, and a slug with a message about friendship and getting along. There is some clever word play that adds to the fun. It will make an entertaining read aloud." — Literacy on the Mind | CLICK HERE for the full review

"...Bug on the Rug is a hilarious rhyming romp with a rhythm made for dramatic readings that kids will want to hear again and again. The book will make a favorite addition to home, school, and public libraries for lively and meaningful story times."

Celebrate Picture Books | CLICK HERE for the full review

"Kids will find all kinds of rhyming fun in this silly encounter between a pug and a bug on the same rug...This story offers a great opportunity to discuss sharing with others, talking about our frustrations, and being kind."

Sincerely Stacie Blog | CLICK HERE for the full review

"With a keen sense of humor, author Sophia Gholz invites us into rhyming rhythmic fun-filled fiction. Her selection of words used to create this tale are delightful, true, and never forced but flowing. She shows readers how discord can be turned into harmony...This title, Bug On The Rug written by Sophia Gholz with artwork by Susan Batori, is read-aloud gold. Listeners and readers will be finger-snapping and swaying after the first few pages. The humorous phrases forming a story of sharing and friendship will remain with readers long after the book is closed. Your personal and professional shelves need to house a copy of this book."

Librarian's Quest | CLICK HERE for the full review

"Hilarious and adorable! ... Written in brilliant rhyme this book is fun to read aloud and a great tool to use with children around sharing and taking a moment to consider another's perspective."

Picture Book Recommendations | CLICK HERE for here for the full review.

*Starred Review* "This is a rhyming read-aloud story that is absolutely hilarious and heartwarming...We read it a multitude of times and laughed out loud every single time. As an adult I enjoyed the happily ever after between two unlikely friends..."

Long and Short Reviews | CLICK HERE for here for the full review.

"Sophia Gholz's Bug on the Rug receives fun drawings by Susan Batori, whose whimsical depictions of bugs brings to life the rhyming story of a rug's appeal to a disparate duo. The rhymes and sound effects will especially please adults who choose this book for read-aloud, lending fun to a story which promotes working together, phonics, and understanding cooperative compromise and problem-solving."

Midwest Book Review | CLICK HERE for the full review

"The teacher in me loves this story for setting classroom expectations at the beginning of the year. And the parent in me loves this story for reminding my little wild child what it means to show kindness..."

Molly Ippolito, Two Cents | CLICK HERE for the full review

"This LOL, rhyming, SEL, read-aloud presents a battle of wits set against an inviting bucolic backdrop...This book is an uproarious and engaging approach to teaching phonics to children eager to learn how to read...The dynamic of the character interaction cracks me up..."

"This was such a FUN book to read. Not only did it offer killer rhyming, but it was packed full of laughs...The illustrations by artist Susan Batori were not only fantastic, but were the perfect pairing for this story. The expressions she captured on all of the characters were priceless...This book teaches the art of sharing and compromise so well. It isn’t preachy or in your face which I love! It is done in such a natural way and doesn’t at all talk down to the children....Bug on the Rug would be an absolutely perfect tool for learning to read. It teaches phonics beautifully and really helps to build reading skills..."

Kelly, Beaches and Reads | CLICK HERE for the full review

"Bug on the Rug, written by Sophia Gholz and illustrated by Susan Batori, is a great read aloud with lots of fun word play! ...Bright and bold pictures work perfectly with the sparing text, to cohesively tell pug and bug’s adventure on the rug. Read this book aloud and afterwards have a blast playing with rhyming words and word families. This a great read aloud for pre-kindergarten through grade three..."

Mother Goose Librarian | CLICK HERE for the full review.

"...a perfect one for beginning readers...filled with a host of phonetic learning opportunities....There is also the discussion opportunity regarding what might cause someone (or a bug) to become homeless. We all love happy endings, and the goofy pictures throughout the book will keep kids entertained."

Pamela Kramer Reviews | CLICK HERE for the full review

"...both hilarious and charming. This book teaches the important skills of rhyming and inference to emergent readers and it's a perfect read aloud for all ages."

Teaching Expertise | CLICK HERE for the full review

"...The rhyming text and silly illustrations make this a fun one to read aloud, and kids will learn an important lesson about forgiveness and finding common ground."

Babies to Bookworms | CLICK HERE for the full review

"Bug on the Rug by Sophia Gholz (illustrated by Susan Batori) is that rare find that is an epic read-aloud and a title that will be in book boxes the rest of the year."

The Daily Cafe | CLICK HERE for the full review

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